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Coming Soon to Cypress, Texas!!!

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The Mega Story

Mega Beauty is a multi-cultural online beauty supply store that is proud to meet the unique beauty needs of suburban African American women.  Mega Beauty was created from the challenge of finding a beauty supply store within the suburbs that sold products with us in mind. While going through the “ethnic” section of a popular beauty supply store, two other ladies were browsing the limited offerings and then left the store empty-handed. I left the store knowing that something must be done to meet the needs of every consumer. I knew that it was time to step up and stop complaining about the needs of African American consumers not being met.  This was a call to action.  It was time to do my part to serve this under-served community.  According to The Benchmarking Company, even though Black women are capturing a significant portion of the beauty market, 64% reported that department stores do not have adequate shelf space devoted to Black consumers.  Mega Beauty is here to change this narrative and open upscale beauty supply stores in suburbs throughout the Houston metropolitan area and beyond. 

Mega Beauty was founded by Shonda Tindall.  Shonda earned an M.B.A. from the University of Houston Downtown and a Senior Human Resources Professional certification from the Society of Human Resource Management.  After 22 years of working in the educational system and five years of volunteering at Creative Sleek Sheek and Unique Styles by Master Stylist Mz Hollywood, the time has come to step out on faith and follow my long-delayed dream of entrepreneurship.  


We are a mosaic of hair and skin textures that require products manufactured to meet our unique beauty needs.  Mega Beauty is proud to service all women of the Cypress area and beyond! 

Our Mission

To provide high-quality beauty products in a welcoming consultative environment so that every customer feels inspired, valued, and appreciated.  We will honor, respect, and value every stakeholder.

Our Vision

Positively contribute to a social environment that supports and values Black-owned businesses and consumers.

Our Philosophy

If you want it, and we do not have it, we will get it.

“He taught us a lot about friendship and all the things you can accomplish as a team.”

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